Friday, 8 May 2015

China comes out on top in Nepal

In continuation of a previous post, titled ‘Geopolitics and the Nepal Earthquake’, as argued, geopolitics in the region is significantly changing. The last few days have seen numerous campaigns criticising the Indian media and government in how they are reporting the earthquake and the deliverance of their aid supplies. This criticism is widespread on the streets of Kathmandu and people who would have normally been fond of India have now utter disrespect and disgust in their southern neighbour. Numerous individuals have told me that China provides aid and humanitarian assistance in an effective and coordinated way, helping the people of Nepal, whilst India helps Nepal only for India’s benefit and for its government to become more popular at home. In fact, it would be no exaggeration to state India is no longer welcome in Nepal at a general population level.

It is obvious that China is more effective and controlled in its response. Indian troops seem chaotic and confused, Chinese troops seem mission focused and well coordinated. This is something India is going to have to rethink in how it responds to future disasters throughout the region. By acting in such a manner India is giving China the upper-hand in gaining significant support in Nepal and throughout the region. As previous stated, this will have vast consequences for the region as Nepal turns to China for aid and assistance. Trust for China within Nepal is rapidly increasing. This will now give China another border with India, something India has feared for a long time. It is also going to make it significantly harder for Nepal's large Tibetan population. 

Below is a meme that is being posted around Facebook and stuck on walls around Kathmandu. 

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