Thursday, 21 May 2015

Nepal in pictures.

Numerous governments sent in their military with aid supplies.  
A house in Thamel that has completely collapsed 

People live in tents in front of a collapsed Dunbar Square 

The pride and joy of Kathmandu, Dunbar Square, all but gone

Local youth sing positive songs in front of collapsed buildings 

A poorly built apartment building collapsed in Thamel

A hall within a local school, built in the 19th Century, completely collapsed 

Large cracks appear in poorly built homes

Cracks appear on a newly constructed house

Cracks and damage make some houses incredibly unsafe 

This water tower is severely damaged, making it very unsafe

Dawa's house is all but gone. Cracks and damage to his home, his pride and joy, make it incredibly dangerous to live in. Dawa saved for over 20 years to build his home. Completely damaged in less than a minute

Local villegers are fearful there will be more earthquakes

Local youth organisations attempt to educate villagers on earthquakes and how they slowly decrease in severity. There is widespread fear a larger quake will occur 

Landslides make rural roads hard to manage. We almost lost our supply bus

Landslides make it too dangerous to stay in some villages

Getting ready to visit a remote community where there is a significant amount of destruction. 6 hours later we arrive

Handing out tents and supplies to a village that suffered a lot of damage 

The military make sure the handing out of supplies does not create riots or panic

Locals are very appreciative of the rice local organisations are handing out

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